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Safe and Healthy Work Place

Our team’s safety
comes 1st.

Dynamic Group Australia pays the utmost attention to their employee’s safety at the work place thus takes every measure to see there is a healthy work environment.Below listed the measures and standards we have set up

  • Workplace free from serious danger.
  • Comply with safety standards.
  • Make certain employees have and use safe tools and gear.
  • Utilize color codes, posters, labels or signs to caution workers of possible dangers.
  • Set up of operating procedures and communicate them so that employees follow safety and health regulations.
  • Providing of medical assessment and instructions in accordance with safety standards.
  • Providing of access to workers medical records and disclosure of records to employees or their official council when required.
  • No discrimination against workers who exercise their safety and health rights.

Our employees are our biggest asset and we take every measure possible to see that they have a safe and secure work place to do their jobs